“Bradini is an excellent and exciting performer.  His show entertains, educates, and mystifies.  All ages will embrace this magician and his enchanting feats.  The things I liked the most about the program was the involvement of the audience, fun, gave a positive reinforcement for reading and education.”  – Nancy Burris, Teacher

Are you ready to provide your students with a highly acclaimed program that will motivate the children to read more books and achieve their dreams?

READING IS FUN MAGIC PROGRAM gets your students “excited about reading” and ready to get more out of themselves, school and life. Some of the messages included in the READING IS FUN program are:

There is magic in books!

Set your goals high!

Read lots of books

School and teachers are important!

Dream your dreams and then achieve them!

You are winners!

And many more!

“Use Bradini over and over again.  He had the audiences’ attention the entire show.  His enthusiasm was great.  I have never seen the kids so interested in a program like this one.  The show was great.” – Casey Piggee, Pre-K – 4th Grade Teacher, Penn Elementary

But wait, You also get…..

When your school hosts READING IS FUN School Assembly Program you get more than just a magic show.  You get an award winning magician talking with the children about the value of reading — the ability to be and do anything you want if you know how to read and set your goals high.  You will receive support materials: ateacher’s kit with ideas for discussion and additional resources and a press release to let your community know the “extra mile” you are going for the children’s success.

References Happily Provided

If you are interested in knowing what others  who have hosted Bradini are saying about his programs, check out our raving fans page or look below..

“Bradini is an exciting, electrifying, energetic person who puts his all into his performance.  His acts involve all ages to help assist him which really keeps everyone wondering what is going to happen next.  A major plus that stands out for “Bradini” is emphasis on the importance of education and family values…” –  Susan Hoog, Reading Specialist, Whittier Elementary School        

Most often asked questions

SHOW LENGTH: Approximately forty-five (45) minutes.

REQUIREMENTS: READING IS FUN program is completely self-contained.  We provide the sound system, props and everything needed to present a professional show. You provide any suitable school facility (stage, gym, cafeteria, etc.) and an audience.

TARGET GRADES: K-6, slight changes are made in the show at each performance so it is targeted toward YOUR audience.

Suggested age groupings include:

  Grades K-3                   Grades 4-6

Discounts Available

SAVE 10%: Team up with another school in your immediate area so Bradini can perform at two schools (or more) in one day, and all participating schools save 10%.

Okay, Brad, Everything Sounds Great…Now What?

Simply pick up the phone and call me or complete the Booking info We can discuss your event in detail.  You can ask any questions you have.  I’m not going to try to “sell” you, so you can relax – no pressure – I’m here to answer your questions and help you make your event the best ever.

Call Bradini today at (918) 857-4645 for an extraordinary educational presentation that is guaranteed to motivate your students while being memorable, entertaining and fun.

What Others Are Saying About Bradini’s Educational Programs..


The students and staff of Marshall Elementary truly enjoyed your “Magic of Reading” Program during our April intercession classes.  We struggle to keep students interested in academics during our extended year classes, so your program was very supportive of our mission to help children find the pleasure in reading.  They were hearing a very positive message and having lots of fun all at the same time.  The staff thought you did a particularly great job of keeping the children involved in the show, holding their interest and maintaining order all at the same time.  The program was of appropriate content and length for all ages.  Every aspect of the show was appropriately paced and of very high quality.  As you may have heard before, it is difficult to find quality entertainers capable of orchestrating a production that appeals to five year olds, twelve year olds, and adults.  The teachers laughed as much as the students.  The program was very well received during intercession, and as we discussed on the telephone,  we look forward to having you back in the evening during our Book Fair in May.  Your show will add a little “punch” to our reading promotion, and provide some quality entertainment in the evening for families that have little access to recreation outside of that offered at the school.  I predict that you will be a great hit!  – Kayla Robinson, Principal, Marshall Elementary