I’m KC

“The Animated Entertainer

Talking Robot Piano Player

KC Stands for Kind Critter.

I play the Piano and I Talk to my audience.

I’m capable of playing more than 400 songs from Ragtime to Rock, from Jazz to Country and Disney Hits to Classical Music.  It’s a blast!


   KC has many costumes for your special occasions.


                   KC as the 1890’s Piano Player

                   KC as Santa’s Helper

                   KC as a Pirate

                   KC as an Athletic Fan

                   KC as a Doctor

                   KC as a Cowboy


I’m an Animated Entertainer Talking Robot Piano Player.  FUN For Kids & Adults!!!

I’m available for Company Parties, Trade Shows, Schools, Hotels and Dinner Clubs, Church Events, Holidays, Fairs, Festivals, Picnics, Wedding Receptions and more.

 At trade shows, KC will:

   * Stop traffic at your location

   * Help your company stand out from the competition

   * Customize his message to your prospects

   * Break the ice with jokes and humor

   * Entertain and educate with great songs and fun

KC will make you more money by getting more people to your booth.  More traffic = more leads = more sales!

Everybody agrees I’m pure fun for all ages!

To reserve the date & time of your event or to discuss your event:

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or call

Brad “BRADINI” Evans

Phone:  918-857-4645

Email: bradini@bradini.com

For a unique experience, book me for your next event.

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