Parent Beth Snook saw Bradini’s show at the Collinsville Library & gave the following evaluation:

“You have to see Bradini when he comes to your library. The children were amazed with his magic tricks. You will laugh and enjoy your children’s laughter. My children enjoyed it thoroughly! The show promotes reading and encourages the children to read because it’s fun! It was interesting, funny and magical. A very enjoyable show. It is a performance you won’t want to miss!”

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With the children’s help the word, READING, is magically produced. Then the kids use the magic words, “Reading Is Fun” to make the other tricks work!

“Thank you so much for constantly promoting reading, visiting the library, having a library card & the summer reading program! You did this throughout the entire show! You were so enthusiastic & upbeat every minute that it was truly contagious. Tons of audience participation. Your show was just as appealing to adults as to kids – WONDERFUL! Keep up the great job!” – Karen Cluck, Children’s Librarian, Helmerich Library

“Bradini Has Lots of Audience Participation While Entertaining and Promoting the Importance of Reading”

 About to pull a rabbit out of the hat.

There is no shortage of helpers for Bradini’s show!

“On behalf of the Charles Page Library, I would like to thank you for the two performances on June 27, 2002. Your performance was very enjoyable for the children and the adults. I very much appreciated the many different references to reading, the library, and the Summer Reading Program throughout your magic tricks. The use of the word READING as a visual aid for one of the tricks, and the inclusion of some of our magic books during the performance were very positive visual reinforcements for the children. Afterwards, we received many positive comments about the magic show from the adults. The kids loved it! You provided a very enjoyable and educational program.” – Susan White, Library Associate, Children’s Programs, Charles Page Public Library

“Bradini obviously loves what he does. He is very entertaining to not only children, but also to adults. We have seen other magicians who could be described as “cheesy” at best. Bradini was much better compared to other performers we’ve seen. Bradini’s performance is polished, professional and entertaining to all ages. Another adult turned to me after the show and remarked how impressed she was. We both agreed that we had enjoyed the show.” – Denise Cooper, Parent, Helmerich Library Show

Funny routines are part of Bradini’s show.

We need a helper. Anyone want to help?

Collinsville Librarian giving Bradini a hand!

Eddie Rabbit is always a fan favorite. His favorite book is Peter Cottontail.

What Parents are Saying About Bradini:

“Mr. Evans did a great job of motivating kids to explore their options at the library. He’s also personable to all who attended and I would see his show time & time again – so would my kids. Thank you for exposing us to this exceptional talent. It kept everyone’s attention – He made magic look easy & fun and at the same time amazing. Captivating to both adults and children! Now my kids are curious about the library.” – Diane Wilmott, Parent, Jenks Library Show

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