Expanding store no joke as magic shop relocates

Jeff Billington World Staff Writer 03/31/1999










Owners of Spot Lite Magic and Costumes from left, Sacheen and Mike Platten, (bunny is silent partner) along with Brad Evans at right, have moved their store to a larger location at 4946 E. 21st Street

Spot Lite Magic and Costumes is about to vanish into thin air.

The novelty store, in business since 1976, has moved from its original location near 21st Street and Garnett Road to its new location, 4946 E. 21st Street.

To celebrate their new location, the business begins operations in its new location April Fool’s Day.

Mike and Sacheen Platten, along with Brad Evans, owners of the magic store, decided to move to their new location because of space: going from about 700 square feet to a building with 2,400 square feet, they said.

Sacheen manages the magic store, while Mike works as a sales representative for a local trucking company and Evans is a certified public accountant.

The business carries everything imaginable for pranks and gags for April Fool’s Day, including the exploding pens; joy buttons; soap that turns black in your hands; fake vomit; garlic gum; exploding gum; whoopee cushion s and an electric pen that jolts you when you attempt to open it.

Their gags and pranks are their hottest items, especially this time of year, Mike said.

“We sell these year round, but everybody seems to want something for April Fool’s Day,” he said. “We have to stock up on these items at least four or five times a year because people seem to want this stuff.”

The three bought the business in January of last year, and planned at the time to move to a larger location in order to offer more items, Mike said.

“It’s going to be totally different. We’ve got updated counters and we’re going to have a lot more merchandise, like wigs, costumes, magic tricks, games, and we’re also available for magic lessons,” Evans said.

They sell and rent costumes, and also have a large supply of make-up and masks, including President Clinton, Beavis and Butthead and cartoon characters. They even rent Easter bunny costumes and can special order other items if needed, Evans said.

Mike Platten and Evans are also magicians on the side, becoming interested in the profession when they were younger.

“Both Brad and I have full-time careers, but we still have time to be magicians,” Mike said.

“We dabble in it just a little bit,” said Evans, who performs magic professionally as the Great Bradini.

Their interest in magic has continued to grow as they matured, they said.

“The magic has always interested me. At one time I always wanted to work in a magic shop or own one, and we got lucky to find this one for sale,” Mike said.

“I’ve also expanded into other things that I do, like event planning, and I have a robot piano player in my acts. I’ve also got a face painting system. Just over the years, it just started. I’m a native Tulsan, and I used to come into this shop when I was a child,” Evans said.

“I’ve been coming here years and years, and now it’s kind of coming full circle with us owning it.”

The magic shop is open Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. and closed Sundays.