“The Wacky Science Show” is more than just whiz, bang, poof and pop! See video below of one of our magicians performing Wacky Science and book Bradini for your next event!

“You performed in front of a crowd of  children  from 2 to 11 years old. Everyone was delighted by your performance. You kept eveyone’s full attention and complete control of the audience.”

Maria MacFarlane, Cecil D. Collins PTA, Barnegat, New Jersey


And while students cheer the crazy antics, the teachers love these lessons:• The Scientific Method• Physical, Mathematical & Life Sciences• Air Pressure• Acid/Base Indicators Levers & Simple Machines

• Everyday Science

• Stinky Dinosaurs

• Liquids, Solids, Gases

• Science Safety

• Bernoulli’s Principle

• Chemical Reactions

Kooky?            Yup.
Nutty?             A lot.
Educational?  Yeah, it’s that too.

   But it’s also a nationally ranked, no holds barred, laugh riot that makes science easy to understand. Fifteen elementary students participate on stage in wacky and off-the-wall, hands-on lessons while discovering that simple household items can be used to perform quirky & crazy science experiments. Loads of surprises, comedy & goofy sound effects combine in this perfect complement to learning The Scientific Method.
“The Wacky Science Show” is guaranteed to “bring the funny” and be one of the best elementary based science shows your students will ever see!
Run time: 45-50 minutes


 I really wasn’t in the mood for an assembly show today. I was having one of those mornings. But within 5 minutes you had me completely absorbed and I forgot about all my worries for the entire hour then later while thinking about your show most of the day. Thanks. I really need that.”
Lynn Borgen, Teacher, Whittlefield Elem, New York

 “Crying… we were crying from laughing so hard. Thanks for making this as entertaining for the teachers as it was for the kids.”
Joe Chasney, Learning Specialist, Schofield Elem, Warren MI


Brad “BRADINI” Evans

Oklahoma (home state)
Tour dates also available by arrangement in AR, KS, MO, OK, and TX  (Dallas suburbs and north).  Call for tour schedule information.

(918) 857-4645