What others are saying about BRADINI…

(A sampling from the reviews received)


“Your performance was definitely a hit and the highlight of the evening.  The combination of walking through the cocktail hour and then a show after dinner worked perfectly.  Our guests enjoyed the one-on-one magic tricks and everyone was thoroughly entertained by your show.  The audience participation, the tricks, special effects and how you customized your performance to our audience was fantastic.  The guillotine was the ultimate trick and we believe that some of Morgen’s subordinates at the Call Center were sorry they missed it.  Please know that we will definitely keep you in mind for future Tulsa Transit functions.  Thanks again Brad for helping make the first SoonerRide Celebration a Success!”  – Laurie Smith, Metropolitan Tulsa Transit Authority

“Thank you so much for the great job you did for our Materials Supply Awards Banquet.  We had a record breaking crowd of over 250 people and you did a superb job of entertaining everyone.  All the comments received from the audience were very positive.  – Beebs Glynn, American Airlines

“I felt I needed to share my appreciation for the fantastic show you provide Rogers University with during our annual “Lunch with Santa” event.  Bradini Magic Productions solved our entertainment problem, because we needed something to appeal to the children, as well as, the adults.  I felt a great sense of relief and joy at the end of the event because there were nothing but praises from the parents and smiles from the children.  Choosing to do the magic show versus the “hands on” craft projects that we have done in past years cut down on cleanup, frustration and the need for a large number of volunteers.  I can’t leave out KC “the talking piano player.”  He was truly awesome!  And he certainly captured the audience’s attention and the interation was fantastic.  Please put us on your calendar for next year.”  – Frances L. Reed, Student Services Coordinator

  “I was amazed at the way you captivated the audience with your humor while performing a magic act.  The reviews were 4 stars from all those in attendance!.” – Dana Calison, InfoMark Corporation

 “Amoco’s Annual Children’s Christmas Party was a “rousing” success!  You were a major player in that success.  You received numerous accolades for your magic presentation and also for KC, The Animated Entertainer Talking Robot Piano Player.  Feedback I received was that it was the best party ever!  You should be proud.  Everyone was pleased — you certainly made it a memorable event.  We look forward to future events with you an KC!” – Karolyn Garland, Community Affairs Administrator

“Thank you once again for entertaining the MAPCO families at our annual Christmas party and the underprivileged children who visited MAPCO.  It was great to see smiling faces as children of all ages enjoyed your magic shows.  Your shows definitely succeeded in capturing the attention of hundreds of children that visited our Magic Kingdom throughout the two days.  Your professionalism, talent and creativity were greatly appreciated.  Thanks again for sharing your entertainment with the families of MAPCO.” – Michelle Dean

“It was a lot of fun. We received rave comments from more people than I can count.” – Mike Lang, Regatta chairman, National Multiple Sclerosis Society

“We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the wonderful performance you offered our guests at GUERNSEY’s Annual Christmas Party.  This was the first year we have had a magician entertain our families and it was a big hit!  Your interaction with the children in the audience and the ones you brought on stage was tremendous.  The adults enjoyed watching the reactions of the kids and the amazing magic as well.  We’ve heard many positive responses from everyone!  Again, thank you for a wonderful event.  Your show truly made GUERNSEY’s party memorable.”  – Carol Williams, Human Resources Director

“Your show was absolutely fantastic and I know we could not have been happier.” – James Cardle, First Bank & Trust Co., Booker, Texas

“It is with great pleasure that we are writing this letter of recommendation.  We were very well pleased with the performance you gave at the dinner reception for our daughter and new son-in-law.  Without any previous knowledge of your talents or show, we chose your name from the ad in the Yellow Pages.  Your performance lived up to our every expectation and delighted our audience.  Your act was humorous and not offensive, very clever and many good magic tricks we had not seen before.  We especially liked the way you included the audience and made them a part of the show.  The honored couple thought it was special to be a part of your act.  One of the pluses to the show was the fact that you could be funny without offending or making anyone feel stupid.  We would recommend you to anyone and hope you will call on us to do so.  Thank you for helping to make our event more special.  We had many of our guests remark on what a good idea it was to have you for our event and how entertaining it was for them.  – Beverly Zardus   P.S. I am not particularly fond of magic tricks, but found your show very entertaining, enjoyable and quite good!  You won me over!”


“Bradini is funny, amazing, and does age-appropriate tricks.  He also makes an effort to involve all children, not just the birthday child.    One week later, the children are still talking about you.  We loved every moment!”   -Suzanne Mobley, Parent

“Great entertainment for children and adults.  I thought you were top notch compared to other entertainers.  Since the kids were so young, I wasn’t sure how things would go, but the kids giggled and enjoyed every bit.  The adults were very impressed.  I want to know how you changed the bird into the rabbit – you left me baffled.  .”    -Betsy Ryer, Parent

“You were great.  The tricks were fantastic.  Bradini adapts so well to particular environments and pulls everyone in by making each person feel a part of the performance.” – Paula Bonneau, Parent

“Magnificent and very entertaining.  Bradini captivated the entire audience, both children and adults present.  The show was for my daughter and she was in ‘awe.’  I enjoyed watching her.  The things I liked the most was my daughter’s excitement, balloon to bird illusion and appearing rabbit”  – Sandy Bayles, Parent

Brad interacts so well with children, he holds their attention and keeps them involved with what he is doing throughout his show.  The party bags were very convenient and inexpensive compared to creating your own.  I liked all of the “props” that involved the children making them feel a part of the show, especially the birthday child.  Gage will not soon forget you!” – Suzie Holleman, Parent

“One of the best children’s entertainers I’ve seen!  Works to involve kids in the show.  Sarah loved being a part of the act. The children could be themselves – it was ok if they “talked back.”  The audience participation and humor helped the kids feel a part of the show.  Great sense of humor.” – Karen Lesikar, Parent


 “Bradini is an exciting, electrifying, energetic person who puts his all into his performance.  His acts involve all ages to help assist him which really keeps everyone wondering what is going to happen next.  A major plus that stands out for “Bradini” is emphasis on the importance of education and family values.  If you try hard enough you can accomplish any occupation or hobby you so choose.  That is so important to stress with our students of this generation.  Many children need that extra motivation or reason from others to keep them involved in school.  Brad Evans stresses that throughout his show.  The students and staff at Whittier Elementary were so privileged and pleased to have “Bradini” perform for us recently.  So, if you are looking for an entertainer that will encourage all ages to succeed, please consider Brad Evans for your next school event.  You will be thrilled that you did.”  – Susan Hoog, Reading Specialist, Whittier Elementary School

“The students and staff of Marshall Elementary truly enjoyed your “Magic of Reading” Program during our April intercession classes.  We struggle to keep students interested in academics during our extended year classes, so your program was very supportive of our mission to help children find the pleasure in reading.  They were hearing a very positive message and having lots of fun all at the same time.  The staff thought you did a particularly great job of keeping the children involved in the show, holding their interest and maintaining order all at the same time.  The program was of appropriate content and length for all ages.  Every aspect of the show was appropriately paced and of very high quality.  As you may have heard before, it is difficult to find quality entertainers capable of orchestrating a production that appeals to five year olds, twelve year olds, and adults.  The teachers laughed as much as the students.  The program was very well received during intercession, and as we discussed on the telephone, we look forward to having you back in the evening during our Book Fair in May.  Your show will add a little “punch” to our reading promotion, and provide some quality entertainment in the evening for families that have little access to recreation outside of that offered at the school.  I predict that you will be a great hit!” – Kayla Robinson, Principal, Marshall Elementary


All of the teachers below evaluated the “Magic of Reading” program and unanimously agreed that (a) Bradini was better than other performers they’ve seen, (b) rated the program as Excellent, (c) agree that the content of the program was Very Important and Educational, (d) Increased the students awareness and understanding, and (e) would Definitely Use Bradini and his program again.

“Bradini is an excellent and exciting performer.  His show entertains, educates, and mystifies.  All ages will embrace this magician and his enchanting feats.  The things I liked the most about the program was the involvement of the audience, fun, gave a positive reinforcement for reading and education.”  – Nancy Burris, 1st Grade Teacher

 “I would recommend Bradini to another school.  He is very professional, has a lot of audience participation, and gets the students involved.  The content of the material he uses is very educational for the students.  The students really enjoy his show.  I liked how he gets the students interested in reading.”  – Pam Dial, 6th Grade Teacher

“I really liked the fact that the audience was involved and it had an educational theme.  The parents that attended enjoyed the show too.” – Carolyn Kaiser, Teacher

“Use Bradini over and over again.  He had the audiences’ attention the entire show.  His enthusiasm was great.  I have never seen the kids so interested in a program like this one.  The show was great.” – Casey Piggee, Pre-K – 4th Grade Teacher, Penn Elementary

“Bradini is a wonderful way to get your students involved in a spectacular show with an educational emphasis on reading!  I loved all parts of the show -content, attitude, presentation – great inspiration and example to the children.” – D. Sanders, 3rd Grade Teacher, Penn Elementary 

“Wonderful presentation, holds the children’s attention, ties magic into reading.  I liked his telling the children that he learned to do magic by reading.” – Roosevelt Elementary Teacher

“Bradini put on an excellent performance.  That was the best show I have ever seen at Penn.  He got the children’s attention and he used the children in a lot of acts.” – Norma Martin, Teacher’s Assistant, Penn Elementary

“Everything was great.  The content was educational, fun, had lots of audience participation and was extremely professional.” – LD Gridiron, Kindergarten Teacher, Penn Elementary

“I liked the Library awareness.  Bradini’s show is worth the time.  Because of the awareness, many children will visit a city library for the first time.  Also, many children will own a book for the first time.” – Myrtha Mikel, 2nd Grade Teacher, Penn Elementary

“Caught everyone’s eye – related to reading – well planned and performed.  Highly motivating.” – Ann Skelton, PK Teacher, Penn Elementary

“The magic show was fun and educational!  Bradini had a lot of enthusiasm, the students were actively involved, and he had an educational message.” – D. Evans, Kindergarten Teacher, Penn Elementary

“The show was fun.  Great student participation.  An excellent tool for encouraging students to read.” – Sharon Edmonds, 4th Grade Teacher, Penn Elementary

“Exciting to watch.  Made it come alive for the children.” – T. Madison, Teacher, Roosevelt Elementary

“The performance caught the students’ attention from the beginning and held it throughout.  My kids can be a tough crowd, but he worked it like a pro.  It was brisk enough to keep the students attention and involved enough of them to give a feeling of “ownership” to the presentation.” – L. Emerson, LMS, Roosevelt Elementary

“Very energetic!  Good with the children.  He was very exciting.” – R. Sisler, Teacher, Roosevelt Elementary

“The students’ attention was glued to Bradini.  They returned to the room with the magic words “Reading is Fun.”  The show was very good.  Extremely motivational and entertaining” – Ms. Craig, 1st Grade Teacher, Sequoyah Elementary

“I liked that Bradini emphasized the importance of reading.  Incorporating magic and the summer reading program was very effective.” – Teacher, Roosevelt Elementary

“The students were very excited about this program.  I really enjoyed the audience participation and the professionalism of the magician.  I loved the bird and rabbit tricks.  I also liked the illusions.” – Tanya Smith, 1st Grade Teacher, Burroughs Elementary

“Magic was very good.  I liked the emphasis on the importance of reading.” – G. Vaughan, TA, Burroughs Elementary


“Bradini is enthusiastic, extremely humorous and can get an educational message into the kids heart with his humorous, magical antics and talents.  My 6 and 11 year old kids were both hooked in – they loved it.  The presentation increased the students’ awareness of reading and the library by repeating, “Reading is Fun,” the word game and how reading helped you.  I liked the humor & use of assistants.  I had asked others to come and they were also impressed!” – Roxanne Dorris, Parent of 1st and 6th grader, Jenks Library Program

“Mr. Evans did a great job of motivating kids to explore their options at the library.  He’s also personable to all who attended and I would see his show time & time again – so would my kids.  Thank you for exposing us to this exceptional talent.  It kept everyone’s attention – He made magic look easy & fun and at the same time amazing.  Captivating to both adults and children!  Now my kids are curious about the library.” – Diane Wilmott, Parent, Jenks Library Show

“You knew just what it takes to get the kids involved – not only those who got to come forward, but those in audience as well.  Entertaining, educational and motivational for kids & adults alike.  One of my kids has attended a party with you and wants to have you do hers!” – Jan Brown, Parent, Jenks Library Show

“Very entertaining, very age appropriate, sensitive and respectful to audience yet kept to the program.  Truly met goals-the reading theme was clear and fun!  I love the connection between learning magic and reading.  Gives a real purpose for reading.  Perfect blend of teaching and entertaining.  Bradini loves children and loves performing, very impressive, made magic and reading come alive.” – Carrie Mulder, Jenks Library Show

“This was  a great program and I would recommend this to all ages!  I liked the comedy mixed with magic.” – Trisha Archer, Nanny, Jenks Library Show

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